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On the least occasion and even on no occasions at all she was scolded, or else taunted with her dependence.
When he flung himself against the bars, quivering and frothing, they laughed at him and taunted him.
He has been taunted more than once about the Diamond, by those who recollect his angry outbreak before the assault; but, as may easily be imagined, his own remembrance of the circumstances under which I surprised him in the armoury has been enough to keep him silent.
Dawson, now that his patient was safe, was less inclined than ever to submit to unprofessional interference, and the Count (I cannot imagine why) lost all the self-control which he had so judiciously preserved on former occasions, and taunted the doctor, over and over again, with his mistake about the fever when it changed to typhus.
Oakland Raiders linebacker Ray-Ray Armstrong is said to have taunted the animal, called Bandit, after leaving the locker room before a game on Sunday.
Police have condemned members of the public who taunted a distressed woman as negotiators tried to save her life by talking her down from a bridge.
The Pink Floyd star hit back in an open letter after he was taunted for urging a boycott of Israel over its policies towards Palestinians.
A CRIMINAL on the run put his own "wanted" poster on Facebook and taunted police that they would never catch him.
England fans and critics have taunted the BBC pundit over his nomination of the four teams to dominate Euro 2012.
In her new autobiography, 'True You, A Journey To Finding And Loving Yourself', the singer, 44, has revealed how the 'Thriller' hitmaker taunted her so mercilessly about her weight that she would bang her head against the wall in despair.
Although the children hadn't actually injured this man, who had learning difficulties, it appears he had been taunted and suffered abuse for many years from various youngsters.
J Davies, WW2 Veteran, Rubery * THE sick yobs who taunted war veteran Matthew Weston haven't got the guts to put on the Queen's uniform, and they have to skulk around our streets in hoodies hiding their faces from public view, as they rubbish anything decent or honest.