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And Don Yates, whose mane amply explains his nickname Wolf, and about whom another Gladiator says, "He's just a mean bastard," proves it when he says of a taunter, "I'm not just going to embarrass you on national TV.
As King Arthur drolly underplayed by Tim Curry, who's come a long way since Rocky Horror--leads his merry band through encounters with the Knights Who Say Ni, the French Taunter ("I fart in your general direction
He's a grown-up version of Springtime in Greenland's smiling male taunter.
He shoots the taunter through the head and kills him.
Bush, a master taunter in stars-and-stripes boxing shorts
The Treasury team enjoy a stumble by Ed Balls as he responded to the Chancellor's Autumn Statement last week, replying in kind to the Shadow Chancellor who is a famous taunter from a sedentary position of the Coalition front bench
West Yorkshire Police were even forced to admit the three letters sent by the mystery taunter had been destroyed by chemical processes and the tape had been lost.