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Ian Westlake dragged his shot badly wide after springing the off-side trap and Wolves old-boy Adam Proudlock nearly silenced his terrace taunters when his turn and shot whistled a lick of paint wide of the upright.
The guard protects Vidriera not for the sake of truthtelling but to stabilize and prolong the gratifying impasse between Vidriera and his taunters that serves the prince's interests and mollifies the crowd.
It only gets worse, as Bedford and his cronies lob constant insults at the newcomers, who stick together and use their rank to try to keep their taunters at bay ("That's Lieutenant boy," one of the pair responds when called by a common epithet.
Widely reviled by the right as chief of the cop taunters, he was also, oddly, something of an all-American--a star athlete, a scrappy street kid, a person of conscience, ingenuity, and charisma--the kind of person we are taught as schoolchildren to revere.
138) The Washington Post, which had been relentlessly critical of FDR on constitutional matters, entitled its editorial on Tipaldo "An Unfortunate Decision," and its Supreme Court correspondent wrote regretfully: "Hereafter whenever New Dealers are taunted with trying to break down the rights of the States to manage their own affairs, the taunters will have this decision tossed in their faces.