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Every Python fan's favourite episodes are in there - yes, you can happily quote along as King Arthur does (verbal) battle with the French Taunters or an anonymous peasant expounds his theories on African swallows carrying coconuts.
Cotterill got one over on the terrace taunters when he slotted home the penalty to seal his former club's win - and would surely secure a place in Swansea folklore if he grabbed a winner this time.
Online anonymity has a positive side beyond the perceived protection it offers to online hecklers, taunters and bullies.
After scoring 20 goals during the 2005-06 season, Jerome was a fans' hero but the City supporters still hold a grudge after he chose to move to Blues to further his career, and the fact the money allowed Cardiff to sign Michael Chopra, Stephen McPhail and Glenn Loovens, who all performed well for City, is lost on the terrace taunters.
Their taunters were Asian men who frequently called them "dirty white trash", she said.