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Slurk, in a taunting manner; 'you hear this, gentlemen
The rifles flashed, the leaves and bark of the oak flew into the air, and were scattered by the wind, but the Indian answered their assault by a taunting laugh, sending down upon them another bullet in return, that struck the cap of Hawkeye from his head.
You had fought for me, but had never asked me in marriage, and so when you called me your princess, you see," she faltered, "I was hurt, but even then, John Carter, I did not repulse you, as I should have done, until you made it doubly worse by taunting me with having won me through combat.
A shower of spears followed him, but their only harvest was a taunting laugh flung back from out the darkness of the jungle.
Further remonstrances only provoked taunting replies and sharp altercations.