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But opposition Tories claimed the advertising will make the city's streets look cheap and tawdry.
What amazes me is how utterly, unbelievably stupid Benihana Kuwait is being in pursuing this tawdry case -- and how idiotic Benihana of Tokyo is being by allowing these morons to drag its name through the mud like this.
The present research extends the literature by examining the influence of tawdry sexualizations of women athletes on judgments about their femininity and athleticism, as well as general attitudes toward the athletes.
PIMP 18, 84mins, opens Friday, May 21 FAUX-documentary set against the backdrop of London's sex trade is a tawdry affair, with director Robert Cavanah starring as the pimp.
SPREAD (18, 97 mins) Hustler Ashton Kutcher stars in a tawdry account of dalliances in the lap of luxury with Anne Heche.
Bishops all over the country are implicated in this saga of tawdry self-protection," said the Irish Times in an Oct.
The council should resist such tawdry schemes and tender for something which better mirrors its own vision for the future and which does justice to the town's increasing international as well as national reputation.
Had the magazine been shown to him before it was published, he said, he would have called the photos to Keller's attention and recommended that they be deleted, "because I thought they were tawdry.
Liebau lamented our culture's alleged failure to stigmatize the crotch-flashing antics of Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan, and the alleged message to young girls that such tawdry displays are a path to empowerment.
For Taylor, whose dances she has lit for four decades, she provided the dappled, shaded look of his poignant Sunset and highlighted the tawdry sexiness of his Piazzolla Caldera.
From coping with a hysterectomy, to fondly recalling distant memories, to the luxurious yet tawdry experience of reading "bodice ripper" romances and more, Peeking Over the Edge offers a candid glimpse of the simple moments in life, and the relish of adapting to new changes with aplomb.