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It was a wonderful achievement for her to get to the position of head tax collector considering her background.
67, which prohibits any officer, agent, clerk or servant of a corporation or a person from making a false entry or omitting to make a true entry in any book of the corporation or person, apply to an elected official of a town, the tax collector, who allegedly made false entries and omissions in town records regarding money paid for town taxes in order to facilitate theft of the money?
Jesus is frequently accused of eating or associating with tax collectors and sinners (Matthew 11:19, Mark 2:15-16, Luke 5:30, Luke 7:34), but many of us assume that prostitutes appear more often, as though "prostitute" were a synonym for "sinner.
When we think of biblical tax collectors, of course, we have to banish the thought of the IRS.
If the tax collector prepared the required statements and the clerk mailed notice to the persons so identified, courts upheld the sale, even if the notices were misdirected due to errors by the tax collector or were sent to outdated addresses still reflected on the property appraiser's rolls.
Anna Flowers, who plays Snow White, Paul Hartley, who plays the Royal Tax Collector, and Pee Wee Price, who plays Muddles, were all in full costume to bring some festive cheer to the children who are all due to spend Christmas in hospital.
In office since 1989, she is the only elected county comptroller in Florida, with more power than most county comptrollers: She has the authority to audit all the county's departments, including those of the other county officers, such as the county property appraisers and the tax collector.
Wilma, did you keep Tax Collector Johnson's address?
Rather than considering the tax evasion situation as a game between the tax collector and identical taxpayers, this model has the tax collector choose an audit probability to maximize expected tax revenues net of audit costs knowing that each taxpayer has a reservation audit probability - the smallest audit probability that would evoke truthful reporting - depending on how averse to risk she is.
Encouraged by a tax collector, she uncovered hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid taxes by the company on approximately 300 homes - taxes later collected by the state.
Jesus saw a tax collector named Levi sitting at the customs post.