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The integration of PBL exercises to teach exercise physiology was associated with significantly higher scores on exam questions assessing the students' ability to apply knowledge without any negative effect on scores on questions assessing knowledge and understanding.
Online instructors need additional skills to teach in a technical environment where nontraditional instructional methods are often used.
I had been informed prior to, and after, my arrival that the Religion Department did not teach theology.
CPAs typically teach accounting to undergraduates and compensation is limited.
The one faction the two sides do agree on, however, is that school administrators can't avoid the conflict by declaring they'll teach neither.
This can be exercised in three ways: the whole College of Bishops can teach infallibly when they are in ecumenical council; or, when in their ordinary teaching, they simply agree that a teaching is to be held definitively; and the pope can do it.
Poor urban and rural districts are most often the ones in which teachers are emergency certified (one of six teachers in California's poor schools don't have teaching certificates), have little teaching experience, or are only certified in one of the several subjects they are expected to teach.
In the same way, educators make decisions, plan instruction and teach according to their educational platform (Cunningham & Cordeiro, 2000; Sergiovanni & Starrat 1998).
The same technology that delivers information and scholarship can also be used to teach the direct, and indirect, use of that information and associated research and analytical techniques.
Everything should be set up properly at practice every day, and the coach should begin with activities that eliminate the emotional baggage that many athletes bring with them, enabling them to focus on what the coach is trying to teach them.