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Nagpal takes pride in empowering Teachable instructors with the ability to own student data (so they can contact their customers and build their own businesses), brand their course and set pricing.
So, the next time you are confronted with a teachable moment in the form of misinformation, misapprehension, or misunderstanding, you have to ask yourself one question.
They won't strive to be better and a lot of the players I see aren't teachable anyway; they won't do the maximum needed to be great.
I encourage you to regularly use the ABT cover images and captions as teachable moments.
Other teachable moments could be related to teaching a child about the importance of telling the truth.
Their success relies upon generally teachable pupils, supportive parents and a learning-orientated ethos within which elementary principles, such as teachers being with their classes, are practised; their object should be to provide the prerequisites for vocational training.
Importantly, these assistive Learning programs provide a teachable moment for engineering students who dare to think outside the geekbox--real students, creating real engineering solutions, for real people with profound disabilities.
A Teachable Moment" [Charles Peters, "Tilting at Wind, mills," January/February 2009] once again blows the same tired old smoke that all we need to do is hire and reward teachers based upon subject knowledge and teaching ability.
we can also consider this a teachable moment that speaks to broader, long-term flaws in our complex and outdated financial system.
According to the Institute of Advanced Motorists, advanced driving can be an easily teachable set of skills any driver can pick up.
Howe of the Perkins Institute for the Blind, Annie finally gets the Kellers to allow her to live in a small cottage on the estate, makes Helen dependent on her, and then uses that dependency in teachable moments.
Regarding your April 10 GenQ story "That's So Gay' War," what is perhaps most regrettable is that it seems the teachable moment was missed.