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As an executive in residence at his undergraduate alma mater Oklahoma State University, he generally teaches two to three courses per semester, about 30 hours per week, including classroom, office and prep time.
With a master's degree in secondary administration, Fernandes also teaches secondary teaching methods as a adjunct professor at Chapman University.
She teaches full time and is in the process of helping to found the Philadelphia Coalition of Radical Educators (CORE).
Creationism holds that the earth is only 6,000 years old, insists that God created the world in six literal days and teaches that Old Testament accounts about the creation of the world should be read as literal history.
Our music practice teaches us how to overcome a seemingly insurmountable problem.
Robb, a 38-year veteran educator, teaches a reading/writing workshop for grades six and eight and coaches teachers in her school.
A simple apparatus which gives tests and scores--and teaches.
Most student teachers report either watching as the master teacher teaches, or being left to teach on their own and occasionally getting a few pointers (if the master teacher is even in the room).
based Recruiting New Teachers, believes that his upbringing--as the son of a low-income, single mother--gives him a special empathy with many of the children he teaches.
Cyd Slayton, vice president of marketing for VPR, a Kansas City video-services firm, and part-time communication professor, says she teaches in part to educate people about the value of communication.
She teaches language arts and social studies to fourth, fifth and sixth-grade students at Paul Ecke Central School in Encinitas.

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