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Next, to confirm that research schools stress the importance of research productivity while teaching schools emphasize teaching effectiveness, we compared the faculty member's perceived college tenure requirements between the two groups (research school faculty versus teaching school faculty--see Table 4b).
and the Executive Head Teacher of Altrincham Grammar School for Girls, which was one of the first schools to be awarded Teaching School status.
We are a Department for Educational National Teaching School and a lead provider for the fairly new School Direct teacher-training initiative.
Tth te Tania Jordan, Teaching School and SCITT Manager; "We select the best trainees, those who have the highest expectations of themselves, and those they work with.
Churchill Community College, in Wallsend, North Tyneside, has been chosen to become a National Teaching School to help raise standards in education Teaching Schools, all rated 'outstanding', take a leading role in recruiting and training new entrants to the profession, identifying leadership potential and providing support for other schools.
But Mr Cooper-Richards has made the brave step to quit his job to become a teacher - and is one of 37 hopefuls currently being trained by Birmingham's Arthur Terry National Teaching School.
Teaching school GEORGE STEPHENSON High School was really pleased this year to become a Teaching School.
TEACHING SCHOOL More good news followed in May with the news that Sidney Stringer Academy has been selected to become a national teaching school - an important role in raising standards.
Why teaching school should become so complicated is a bit of a mystery to me.
During oral argument this afternoon before the Washington State Supreme Court, Pacific Legal Foundation Attorney Russ Brooks charged the Seattle School District with violating the plain meaning of Washington state's Initiative 200 by using race as a factor in determining high school admissions and, as a by-product, teaching school children that discrimination is perfectly acceptable in public schools.
Part of the Department for Education's 'School Direct' programme, the scheme is run under the umbrella of the Yorkshire Anglican Teaching School Alliance (TSA).
Nunthorpe Academy been given Teaching School Status by the Department for Education and is now helping drive up standards and shape the educators of the future.

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