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We commend our teammates for the passion and energy devoted to make our work environment unique and special.
Combining TopCAATs with Teammate goes a long way in making audit work easier and more effective.
TeamMate is a widely used audit management system, with reportedly over 95,000 auditors and over 2,200 organisations using the solution globally.
In particular, teammates and coaches can play an important role in the facilitation of and in the adherence to the rehabilitation process (Bianco; Schelley & Henschen, 1995; Vergeer & Hogg, 1999).
WK Tax and Accounting unit CEO Kevin Robert said TeamMate "is an excellent fit for CCH businesses worldwide (and) advances our strategy to further grow in the corporate and government sectors by offering a global suite of solutions to serve the internal audit market.
Yes, I have a prosthetic leg,'' Holloway said as she opened up the box to her new teammates on the Cal State Northridge women's basketball team.
It will probably reverse your strategy of getting ahead of the play and coaching your teammates to win.
When you're having an off day, a good teammate will pick you up by saying something positive.
Securities broker-dealers face unique challenges due to constantly changing industry rules and regulations and the high-volume of branch offices that must be audited each year," said Mike Gowell, vice president and general manager of TeamMate.
Internal auditors today have the opportunity to move away from a traditional role to a more transformational role that contributes to an organization's growth and performance," said Mike Gowell, vice president and global general manager, TeamMate.
A player must be able to cooperate with teammates--put on a "game face" in practice and provide his teammates with good opposition.
Admitting that he "would like to have passed the record, as I think most high school quarterbacks would," he also pointed out that compiling his legitimate 4,969 yards "required a lot of cooperation and hard work from my teammates.