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A great teammate is a hard worker and someone who is positive.
It is an amazing feeling to be able to spend quality time with teammates outside the training environment--especially true when you are the new kid and you strive to be accepted by older athletes
Boeing South Carolina teammates have done what so many people said couldn't be done.
The team should be encouraged to cheer on the teammates who have not yet completed their matches.
And with eight seconds to go, Haasis dropped back and threw the final pass of his high school career to a teammate who ran out of bounds after a 37-yard gain.
The name DaVita - which was a name chosen by our teammates -- is an adaptation of an Italian phrase meaning, 'he/she gives life.
The partnership he has forged with TeamMates represents a critical investment in the future of Crete," said Dennis Treacy, senior vice president of corporate affairs and chief sustainability officer for Smithfield Foods.
When his Andretti Green Racing teammate Bryan Herta (Valencia) spun out with eight laps to go, it gave Andretti the caution he needed.
In football, it is the unnoticed lineman who makes a key block away from the ball who can give his teammate an opportunity for a touchdown.
The move stirred criticism among teammates and other teams.
If and when the defense does stop the ball, the ball handler should make a solid jump-stop and look to make a bounce-pass (below the outstretched arms of the defenders) to one of the cutting teammates.