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Research shows that compared to traditional lecture or individualistic learning environments teamwork assignments result in higher student achievement (Cavalier, Klein, & Cavalier, 1995; Freeman, 1996; Hite 1996; Hwang, Lui, & Tong, 2005; McKinney & Denton, 2005), greater use of higher level reasoning and critical thinking skills (Duffrin 2003; Gabbert, Johnson & Johnson, 1986; Gokhale, 1995), more positive attitudes toward the subject matter and satisfaction with the class (Caldwell, Weishar, & Glezen, 1996; Dunaway, 2005; Trempy, Skinner, & Siebold, 2002; Willey & Freeman, 2006), better interpersonal and communication skills (Meyer, 1994; Williams, Beard, & Rymer, 1991), and increased motivation to learn (Frank, Lavy, & Elata, 2003).
The contemporary approach to patient safety recognizes that most errors are made by the brightest and the best, and preventing medical errors often involves improving teamwork and communication among clinical teams.
Even though it is more challenging to conduct successful virtual teamwork than collocated teamwork, researchers have reported that, across a wide variety of virtual teamwork dimensions, training will improve team members' ability to succeed in a virtual environment.
Much of the existing focus on teamwork, particularly around reducing errors, can be found in other high-reliability organizations where mistakes are easy to make and the consequences of mistakes are very high (e.
In the wake of "To Err Is Human," the 1999 Institute of Medicine report that raised awareness of medical errors and called for better teamwork among physicians, AHRQ partnered with the Department of Defense to develop a teamwork training program.
Performance management systems should place an emphasis on teamwork.
From in house advertising departments, local and national agency clients and helping to develop go-to-market strategies for start-ups, Gollhofer has a broad background, which he brings to Dealer Teamwork.
Both RevUnit and Teamwork have shared passions and nearly identical values, even though the companies were founded in different parts of the country.
By the end of the river rafting retreat every member of Greg's CDI management team had a new understanding of and commitment to apply five G-R-E-A-T principles of "Rapid Teamwork.
They also sought personal reflections "that would enhance our understanding of either how to produce genuine teamwork or the obstacles that stand in its way.
More recently, the Commission has recognised the checklist, while now routinely used during surgery in every DHB, has not reached its full potential as a tool to improve teamwork and communication within the surgical team.