tear away

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Consumers can order a unique, high-quality five-piece stainless steel Barbeque Grilling Kit via Take One Tear Away Pads located at St.
Aziz "volunteered to help Muslims in Kosovo," where the bin Laden-supported narco-Marxist Kosovo Liberation Army was seeking to tear away that Serbian province as part of a scheme to create a "Greater Albania.
For safety, they split and tear away when punctured--alerting the wearer of the potential for contamination.
That force alone would tear away anything not attached to Earth's bedrock (solid rock beneath the soil) like buildings, cars, and the rest of us.
In strip mining, huge machines tear away all the rock and earth above a mineral vein.
High on the list are the intense radiation and high-speed winds emanating from Orion's collection of massive stars, which tear away material that the young star's gravity cannot hold.