tear off

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The goggles take up to 3 hours of video/audio per use, and come ready to go, with a 16gb micro sd card, 10 strip package of tear off lenses, patch/usb cords and USB micro sd card adapter.
You tear off the wrapping paper, open the box, and there it is, a product of Aunt Millie's newest craft endeavor.
Bears think with their stomachs, and they'll tear off a car door if they think there's food inside,'' Martarano said.
She was then punched in the face and knocked to the ground as her attacker tried to tear off her clothes.
At a hippie-style Santa Barbara wine festival, he can't even bring himself to tear off his clothing and jump into the vat with his fellow revelers.
Checkstand displays allowed customers to tear off donation slips to add a donation to their order.