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Odorless chemical signals in a woman's waterworks lessen any stirrings of sexual interest in a guy who whiffs her tear-stained cheeks, a new study suggests.
For the past few weeks she has had tear-stained eyes, marking her fur a brownish colour around the eye area.
After refusing her friendsAAE advice to ditch the man in her life, Rihanna eventually chides herself with a confusing, contradictory refrain that feels culled from a tear-stained diary.
Stuff enough cash into a Formula One driver's overall pockets and he'll wear your indestructible titanium watch with pride; bung a few frozen spring rolls into the rickety pram of a former reality TV star and she'll hawk your supermarket's party fare as if it were her own tear-stained autobiography.
Nobanners or "We Love You Gordon" T-shirts and few adoring, tear-stained faces staring up from the floor.
Just days after the squad had witnessed Michael Vaughan's tear-stained resignation speech as captain, Pietersen lifted spirits with a passionate, feel-good message.
Demand for tickets is likely to be intense and it's sure to be a tear-stained occasion with players and fans saying a fond farewell to the Llanelli landmark.
The tear-stained faces at St Andrew's yesterday said it all.
Its conclusion offers a glimmer of tear-stained hope and an act of selflessness that can come from only a chemical-free soul.
ENGLAND lost their new superstar and with it their chance to rule Europe, but they didn't lose their dignity as another tear-stained chapter in their recent history was written in Lisbon last night, writes Bruce Millington.
The courageous people of Spain voted in anger and sorrow, with a shattered train car as a polling-station backdrop in Madrid, with tear-stained faces and in wheelchairs made necessary by last week's horrific train station bombings that killed 200 people.
His tear-stained appearance in an ITV interview with Martin Bashir was the first phase in the process.