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The 21-year-old put on a brave face just 24 hours after he tearfully said his goodbyes to TV reality star Jade, 27.
The biggest savings will be made in wages with many handlers and keepers tearfully bidding farewell to their beloved charges.
Singer Amy Winehouse looked on tearfully as her husband was remanded in custody charged with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.
INDIAN terror suspect Mohammed Haneef was tearfully reunited with a relative in a Brisbane jail yesterday during the first family visit allowed since his arrest three weeks ago in connection with failed bombings in London and Glasgow.
Before an audience of law enforcement officials and religious and community leaders at the San Fernando Valley Faith Committee's annual community summit, the gangster-turned-grad student tearfully paid tribute to Goodman and his former history professor, Richard McMillan.
As she tearfully said to me recently: "I cannot take any more".
Distraught 74-year-old widow Maureen Cain told tearfully how mourners of her husband Ron had been unable to find anywhere to park.
Speaking on the Tyra Banks show, Naomi tearfully admitted: "I'm her only daughter.
He tearfully claimed he suffered from a form of bipolar disorder.
When superior court judge Pascal English asked Harvey why she stabbed her grandparents last August, she tearfully responded, "For Sandy.
The mother of Michael Jackson's young accuser tearfully begged a jury not to judge her as she described how she came to trust the singer and believe everything he said.
I tearfully relayed the surprises, pressures and distrusts that come with being discovered and trying to remain a simple artist after you realize things are no longer simple.