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Restlessness, agitation, anxiety, tearfulness, wandering--especially in the late afternoon or at night
Hot flushes, sudden tearfulness and exhaustion are difficult enough to cope with in private, but how much tougher are they if you're in public life?
Suggested items are: made negative statements; persistent anger with self or others; expressions (including nonverbal) of what appear to be unrealistic fears; repetitive health complaints; repetitive complaints/concerns unrelated to health; sad, pained, or worried facial expressions; and crying and tearfulness.
Except for a few tell-tale behavioural blips and tearfulness, they are still strongly motivated and bound up with the school community.
Signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia Physical Neuroglycopenic Behavioral or mood Pallor Difficulty Emotional lability concentrating Diaphoresis Hypothermia Giddiness Increased heart rate Weakness Tenseness Tremulousness Warmth Anger Acute diplopia/blurred Hunger Anxiety vision Increased blood Fatigue Arousal pressure Palpitations Motor impairment Low frustration tolerance Paresthesias Difficulty Irritability concentrating Clumsiness Feeling down Difficulty speaking Tearfulness Slurred speech Seizures Hemiparesis Brain damage Loss of consciousness Table 2.
Thus, if a dream features laughter by anyone, including yourself, the corresponding emotion in real life would be tearfulness, hence caution or trepidation is advised in facing the activity to which the dream is taken to relate.
In his Martha and Mary (London National Gallery) what needed to be captured was Martha's complicated resentment at being neglected, and receiving a lesser share of Christ's attention than her sister Mary, whilst she prepared their meal, yet her face shows only the scowling tearfulness of a child deprived of a pleasure.
Mourners may ask if they are "going crazy" based on poor concentration, edginess, thinking they see or hear the deceased, and either great tearfulness or an inability to cry.
How to handle post-natal depression:The symptoms of post-natal depression are very similar to 'normal' depression and can include tearfulness, feelings of worthless and having no interest in the new baby or wanting to look after it.
Michelangelo's drawings for Vittoria Colonna display a similar strategy of deliberate paradox, as highly colored black-and-white drawings of a tearless tearfulness and bloodless bloodiness.
While four in five women who give birth may experience mild symptoms - tearfulness, moodiness, irritability - these symptoms are mostly transitory.
Jankova is outstanding from the beginning, in the first song, Mussorgsky's The Children's Room: smiles, indignation, obstinacy, sighs, secrecy and tearfulness follow each other in a pure uncomplicated register, and in a very realistic style the singer employs hints of declamation, and an agogic and emotional mutability explored in minute detail.