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Given the random appearance and extent of hot tearing, what reliable predictive model can be developed for magnesium alloy AZ 91?
Hot tearing criteria can be roughly compiled in several main groups: stress-based, strain-based, strain rate-based and nonmechanical.
As such, the significant variation of the molecular structure during the tear process should be considered to fully understand tearing in PE films.
During initial lens adaptation, proteins from the lacrimal gland (lysozyme, lactoferrin) tend to remain at the same concentration during reflex tearing, but the serum-derived proteins (albumen, transferrins, immunoglobulin G (IgG)) reduce in concentration during initial lens wear.
When tears lack important components, however, the complex film breaks down, resulting in dry spots on the cornea that can trigger a cycle of eye irritation and excessive tearing.
Specimens for critical tearing energy tests were prepared from production power steering hose, supplied by either Preferred Technology Group or Dayco-Swan Co.
It also was observed that pouring at a lower superheat reduced the hot tearing tendency.
A comparison of strain rate results from the stress/strain analysis with the temperature fields from the solidification analysis can be used to find regions that may be susceptible to hot tearing.
The check, paid to the city June 19, covers a $200 city attorney's fee, a $100 contribution to Ventura County's restitution fund and $700 for tearing down two signs promoting opposing Republican candidate Tony Strickland for the 37th Assembly District during the recent primary campaign.
Sybert suffered an embarrassing blow to his campaign earlier this week when he was videotaped tearing down Strickland's campaign signs in Thousand Oaks and Camarillo.
The low-lead tin bronze (alloy C83450) was the most difficult to cast in a permanent mold because of its high drossing tendency and proneness to hot tearing.
Pollock explained that the money saved from tearing the site down will be used toward the new school.