tearing down

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The children reportedly admitted to tearing down the posters but said their intention was not to insult the president but to sell the posters to a waste collector.
However you can hear Tearing Down The Walls now at http://soundcloud.
CUTLINE: Kirk Moschetti of Templeton operates an excavating machine as it begins tearing down a building at 214 Pleasant St.
He went on to talk about tearing down walls "between races and tribes, natives and immigrants, Christian and Muslim and Jew".
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This allows your staff to work the trade show without having to worry about the logistics of selling up and tearing down.
Just as clients are tearing down silos charged with different risk-management responsibilities, insurance brokers and carriers must assemble the right teams of people to service clients' enterprise risk-management strategies.
Several hundred Palestinians quickly joined the lawmakers and began charging toward the Jewish enclave, tearing down one of the shacks.
On each page of the gospels we find Jesus busy tearing down those walls of divisions and tearing up those lists of the outsiders.
Tearing Down the Tower of Babel In the meantime, the hardware improved, for even small, relatively unsophisticated computers are now faster and more powerful than many "50s-vintage mainframes.