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But here's to X Factor oddball Stevi Ritchie and tearless weeper Chloe-Jasmine, who actually believe they're still going to get married.
Her dark tearless eyes were rimmed with kohl and her moist lips a rosy blush.
God cannot love (says Blunt, with tearless eyes) "The wretch he starves"--and piously denies: But the good Bishop, with a meeker air, Admits, and leaves them, Providence's care.
tearless eyes before our bodily suffering she shall not waver:
Smith achieved all this by courting millennials--particularly men age 18 to 34--with tearless reporting and edgy stories about world politics, travel, sex and drugs.
In the more positive last lines the eyes become tearless.
One word has increasingly been used to describe Thuli Madonsela - tearless.
Washington, Nov 7 ( ANI ): A new study has suggested that a tearless version of onions can help fight cardiovascular disease and may play and important role in managing weight gain.
Mr Compson then pursues Charles Etienne to the attic, where he spends unknown "hours" in "amazed and tearless grief," while Clytie sleeps below, "barring the foot of the stairs, guarding his escape or exit as inexorably as a Spanish duenna" (250).
Mama begins making that sound in her throat again, a kind of tearless sorrow.
After the Doone clan have attacked her carriage, the mother is said to have sat with her dead son in her arms, and the narrative dwells on her silent and tearless grief:
Grandmother staggered and collapsed to the floor in tearless grief, her long and beautiful iron-gray hair flying all about her.