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Our little boy in bed By now fast asleep I sit with my memories Tears roll down by cheek Thinking what should have been As we approach Christmas Day A family together Then war took you away I've had to be brave For the sake of our little boy Took him Christmas shopping Looked at all the toys He'd told his Daddy What Santa Claus should bring A Christmas list Like an endless piece of string How the weeks have flown Tomorrow Christmas day Our first Christmas together Since you went away Time to sleep Wipe the tears away Prepare for tomorrow Our little boy's big day Tears of sadness Mixed with tears of joy You will always be with me When I look at our little boy Dedicated to all the brave mothers A CLIFFORD, Chester-le-Street.
Summary: Kanye West fell silent and had to wipe tears away during an interview with American chatshow host Jay Leno.
It's carried a million tears away, and brought back just asmany to the shore.
But once I washed the tears away I thought it only fair to clarify a few points.