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I'll remember Platte, during teary goodbyes suddenly laughing, "Hey--you'd think we were going to prison
Yet--maybe because I could feel m yself literally growing old during the six-hour screening--I bristled at its pretentious appropriation of Mozart's music and short, tragic life (recounted by a teary narrator) as an allegory of human suffering, and its grandiose Dostoevskian declamations.
The Mirror's pictures of her on Thursday, having a bit of a teary moment in New York, raised speculation that the Britain's Got Talent phenomenon might be finding the worldwide attention just a bit too much.
The '4 Minute' hitmaker had her teary eye fixed on A-Rod, who was sitting in the front row along with legendary musician Rod Stewart, while she crooned 'You Must Love Me'.
After four days, even through eyes teary from laughter, we'll find our vision sharp and our faith in the wisdom of storefront churches renewed, reminded of where we need to look when we want the Holy Ghost.
Even the relentlessly teary Kathie Lee Gifford acquitted herself better after revelations of sweatshop conditions and child labor connected to her clothing line.
Emotionally complete as few movies are, it was an eloquent response to conventional studio thinking; y'know, that the kind of relationships moviegoers should be moved by are between teary blondes and giant gorillas.
WITH overwhelming tributes still pouring in, this two-part celebration of Jade Goody's life will be hard to watch without getting teary.
TEARY Carly Zucker enjoys a rare uplifting moment with not-so-secret undercover manoeuvres to put her bra on.