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But if it was an eve- teasing case, then I am sure we must find out the women who were actually teased at.
Julie Plec confirmed that there is something special about baby Hope while Michael Narducci teased that Klaus' child is a little bit of vampire, werewolf and witch.
Researchers found that participants who had been teased about their weight as children had higher indicators of disordered eating behaviors, including avoiding food, eating concerns, weight concerns, inappropriate compensatory behaviors--such as self-induced vomiting, misuse of medicine and excessive exercise--and binge eating than those who were not teased.
Legislators and the governor loosened the standards last year, however, because they were concerned about overweight kids being teased and humiliated.
Kahn (1995) found that children who were teased about their body type were two to three times more likely to think about or to attempt suicide than those who were not teased.
While they stood in line at the snack bar, Rourke teased Harris about losing a game and pushed him, witnesses said.
When they have conflicts--get teased or "dissed," and feel excluded from their friends--they can find a way to deal with it.
One of Julianna's friends dropped a note in the Bully Box after being teased about her religion.
Teased by the Chileans of European origin, she found it a challenge to understand 'why me' and 'what it meant to be Mapuche'.
A BIRMINGHAM man who was teased at school for his poor sporting abilities is taking on the BUPA Great South Run on Sunday to raise money for Leukaemia Research.
I'm not very good at soccer, and sometimes I get teased when I mess up.