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She said entry of males in the bazaar should be banned during evening hours to check eve teasing.
I know that's easier to say than to achieve, but I'm sure most of the teasing is as a result of thoughtlessness rather than malice.
If they were bitten because they were teasing an animal, explain that teasing is unkind.
In higher grades, teasing and bullying increase, though the victim profile changes and the forms become less physical.
Then on the very first day of school, poor Ima discovers that mean Billy Do-Good is in her same first-grade class, and all kind of teasing and bullying ensues.
Just as "play-fighting" is distinct from actual violence, she believes playful teasing should be celebrated.
The survey of 2,500 students found teasing to be at about the same level as before the tests were mandated.
Adventures at Walnut Grove: A Lesson about Teasing is a children's picturebook about a group of forest animal children learning how to get along and have fun together.
Adolescents rank teasing and bullying as greater problems than racism, AIDS, or alcohol.
The overwhelming evidence in the instant case is that the victim was merely teasing appellant and never tried to injure him.
Many of these children do not have a strong social network to rely on, and without a social network, they risk exclusion, isolation, teasing, and physical bullying.