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He doesn't speak long, though, and teasingly admonishes a bunch of young people in front to calm down while he finishes.
Each page is an open door, with maps in profusion and teasingly unlabelled flora and fauna.
And, naturally, BIG BAPS will be on the menu as she teasingly promotes a new range of supersize burgers.
Their award-winning Classic Italian Parmesan is aged in special curing rooms for more than 10 months and has a teasingly sweet, nutty flavor.
He stresses Shakespeare's valuing of the fresh perspective provided by Italian society, which was "an urban world teasingly familiar and yet different in the degree of its openness to exchange and transformation" (6).
The fact of Irishness in these stories is a teasingly ambiguous element: although the idea of Ireland holds out the possibility of a richer, more authentic life, when they pursue it Rawlings's characters find themselves as unable to fully enter another culture as they are unable to fully integrate themselves into their own.
Teasingly, her sister Jessie jokes, "The children are surprised that we can sing.
Frankie teasingly displays her legs and parades just out of reach, forcing him to retaliate with the truth about Johnny.
While women like Pamela Anderson make no secret of their silicon augmentations and teasingly flaunt their wares, breastfeeding mothers in some states can be arrested for indecent exposure if they nurse their children in public places such as restaurants or parks.
Yet if these seductive stories make eyes at the reader, they also manage to stay teasingly just out of reach, as this typical passage perhaps suggests: "And then I fell into this state of mind which does without the justification of cause, context, in short, reason.
With its thrown-together aesthetic that blends porn with soap opera and psychedelia, Bubbles Galore is a frothy, teasingly campy movie.
But just like the festival itself, these potato temptations were crispy, fluffy and teasingly hot - and I was able to season them myself according to my own persuasion on the day.