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Also discussed was the importance of getting correctly angled and weighted claws and shells in order to achieve sufficient downward pressure to make sure the teats are the optimal length and shape for milking.
I thought it was crazy that these teats were still around - why has no-one thought about changing it?
Experimental vaccinia infection of cattle: a comparison with other virus infections of cows' teats.
As the sow's time drew near, the girls checked her teats for milk by pulling them.
Whatever the First Lady or the Rose Law Firm might have done illegally, the buckets of money such lawyers earn come from perfectly legal work--helping corporations avoid paying taxes and showing them how to get a firm grip on the government teat.
Zurex PharmAgra, LLC (PharmAgra) launched its first product offering, the ZuraLac[TM] family of teat treatments, at the 2011 World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin.
However, the fact is we take our place at the biggest football teat in the galaxy next season, and I hesitate to use the phrase "never again".
It creates a separate chamber, feeding from a closed teat, resulting in a more natural suckling-based system that responds (without backflow) to a combination of low negative pressure, jaw action and peristaltic tongue motion.
If it completely encircles the teat and is matted back into itself, you've got serious trouble.
After observing her behaviour, there was no way I was going in a pen with her, so Gerry bravely volunteered to play nursemaid, helping each one find a teat and spraying their umbilical cords with iodine and surgical spirit.
If it feels too hot, put the cap over the teat and hold the bottle under cold running water.