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The purpose of the article was not to criticize the technicalities implicit in the various rules of evidence and procedure.
I would rather not worry about Fish and Game's technicalities but concentrate on issues.
The in-depth training event included a plant tour, site visits, and on-site training designed to make each distributor knowledgeable about product technicalities, installation, and product markets.
The senator's varying versions of the same story may say something about his credibility, but to seize on the technicalities of ancient indiscretions is to make a capital crime out of a misdemeanor.
Moreover, many technicalities have been skirted, perhaps in an effort not to frighten off intellectual historians.
Booth handled reorganizing the office setting while the IT team took care of the technicalities such as phone lines and computer network connections.
He ducked authorities and justice on sundry technicalities.
Proofs and technicalities are discussed in the appendices of each chapter.
Because of legal technicalities, the jury deliberated only on the case involving Gunnell and Metrocolor Laboratories, said the plaintiff's attorney, Martina Silas.
Mollengarden, whose 20 year law practice has focused exclusively on condominium law, played an integral role in guiding the condominium association through the technicalities of the Florida Condominium Act, shepherding the unit owners through the meetings and necessary voting procedures required to approve for sale, and ultimately terminate the condominium.
At Pepperdine,'' said Jennifer Vanse, a second-year student, ``they teach you, Don't try and get off on your little technicalities.
Application developers can easily and seamlessly implement new service applications, focusing on user interface and relieved from LBS complex technicalities.

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