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Although the initial correlation was performed only for carbon black samples, this technique can be applied to other fillers besides carbon black.
The basic adjustment to the split-end side was to "Switch" the DE and OLB--the end moved down to a 5 technique, and the OLB widened to a 7.
AIST has developed a technique which can reduce the resistance of conductive materials printed on substrates as antennas and wirings without high temperature baking.
To expose the utilitarian value of the polygraph as used in these criminal cases, the study needed to determine the significance of the polygraph technique on moving individuals from a position of deception to one of nondeception.
Virtualized clustering delivers distinct business advantages (hard dollar operational cost and time savings) over the other two techniques.
9) Leonetti et al (10) described a technique to marsupialize a retraction pocket in the posterior tympanum, whereas Pulec (11) recommended transcanal exposure of the posterior tympanum by removal of the posterior canal wall bone to the facial nerve when possible, with a transmastoid approach as a second option if necessary.
The result is a co-created contract concerning emotional safety developed by staff and the counselors obtaining the knowledge and expectations of applying this technique with campers.
Another effective application of the cupping technique is in the treatment of cellulite.
These relaxation techniques have rarely been implemented in an elementary group setting (Strumpf & Fodor, 1993).
The techniques developed by these laureates have transformed pharmaceutical development by enabling researchers to quickly determine the identities and structures of molecules that are central to countless biological processes.
The control group did not play games as a teaching technique.
With encouragement from her colleagues, Storici--who hails from Trieste, Italy, where she conducted research at the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology--christened the new technique "Delitto Perfetto," a Italian term that means perfect deletion and is also idiomatic for perfect murder.

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