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Technologic Partners' eight online newsletters, which are read by more than 160,000 people daily, include VentureWire Professional, VentureWire People, VentureWire Wireless, VentureWire Life-sciences, and Computer Letter.
For example, while there is a great deal of technologic research taking place in the healthcare field, most of it is geared toward acute care, with a minimum focus on aging services.
Technologic Systems is an Internet Service Provider, focusing on offering of broadband services, which holds one of eight licenses in Ukraine for provision of domestic and international long distance voice services over IP.
future socioeconomic and technologic developments, developments in medical care, population demographics, policy interventions).
Given the rate of technologic change in the Denmark of his time, he concluded he would not need to replace the castle's new communications system for many years.
Frank Frisbie, Apptis Vice President for Strategic Initiatives, said, "NAV CANADA has shown itself to be a model for practical, cost effective development and rapid deployment of technologic and managerial change to meet the needs of civil aviation in the modern era.
By joining the WTO, China can use the environmental management experiences of developed countries to deliberate the laws and regulations that are more stringent than domestic ones to promote the overall technologic level of environmental protection, and can take part in the global economic exchange.
These technologic advances provide clinicians with additional comprehensive information for diagnosing and understanding disease pathology.
E[acute accent]Ashby joins HealthEquity as director of client operations and is responsible for the ongoing strategic and technologic development of HealthEquity's proprietary HSA client services platform.

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