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Temenos is a company specialised in providing technological solutions for banking services.
The paradigm of "sustainable development" can be viewed also as a new paradigm of technological development.
The report is based on Technically Speaking: Why All Americans Need to Know More About Technology, a 2002 National Academies' publication in which technological literacy was defined and a case made for its importance.
However, their lack of technological proficiency allowed them to directly experience issues of inequity and access that are still prevalent in the world of K-12 education.
Meanwhile, techno-gurus such as Ray Kurzweil, author The Age of Spiritual Machines, and John Smart, president of the Acceleration Studies Foundation, think technological progress is not only advancing but moving at exponential rates.
Beyond the implications of cybercriminal activity, a new technological threat exists pertaining to terrorism.
In "Tech Tonic," dozens of experts in child development, education, health and technology challenge education standards and industry assertions that all teachers and children, from preschool to grade 12, should use computers in the classroom in order to develop technological literacy.
Becoming more intelligently involved in this new civilization, understanding it at depth and knowing its paradigms to avoid crises and possible political and social consequences brought about by technological revolution, the short-term actions, modifying laws and programs in the medium- and long-term.
The means of technological innovation, not easily altered, were to be given new ends, established according to an artistic vision that Kluver accorded an innate humanism, one that the most radical members of his artistic generation had so severely put into question.
A technological means by which to assess watermarks would give us a common measure of quality.
To ask a still more obvious question, what is the purpose of this technological progress?
A thorough appreciation of the full range of forces that drive technological choices would appear to be particularly important in the post--Cold War era, in which the technological options are so numerous and specific requirements for the Navy are so uncertain.

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