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EVEN WITH TECHNOPHILES ever in search for the latest whizbang gizmos, technology companies must focus on more than developing products that cater solely to the novelty you love.
In this, my last TECHNOPHILE column, I would like to comment on how far we have come in the last decade, where we are headed, and how these developments result in opportunity for the readers of this column.
Several essays deconstruct our ideas of Nature and the natural, in an attempt to view critically the technophile conceit that science can fix all of the defects in Nature or the Luddite idea that Nature is intrinsically superior to any fruits of our reason.
Ussery considers both operations he oversees equally important but, as a technophile, is more drawn to the HDNet business due to its hightech nature and growth potential.
He isn't a wide-eyed technophile, transfixed by the technology and the processes that the Web has fostered.
Work from confidence rather than fear, because if you know your business you are just as much an expert in your field as any lawyer, technophile, HR person, accountant, or engineer.
Librarians have to deal with two very different kinds of patrons: the technophobic who does not want to deal with any information in a computerized format, and the technophile who is infatuated with electronic resources.
That's why 7DAYS was pleased to hear serial entrepreneur, angel investor, mentor and technophile Prashant K Gulati reveal the 10 things he doesn't want to hear from wannabe business-builders seeking his cash.
Telecommunications, only starting to modernise in the past year under the technophile Bashar, is also attractive.
But the need to own the new gear wasn't communicated to the assembled faithful - and if your neighborhood technophile doesn't want a palmtop computer, who else will?
Yet Sagan is far too much of a technophile to seek solutions in a wholesale dismantlement of industrial society.
This year the new two-part format comprised an afternoon awards presentation hosted by writer, actor and self-confessed technophile Stephen Fry, followed by an evening celebration party where winners were entertained with a showcase set from one of the world's most famous and successful bands, Duran Duran.