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Postmillenial debate on the appropriate human uses of technology is still framed by the struggle between technophiles, who never met a technology they didn't like, and Luddites, who manage to believe simultaneously that nature is on her last legs at the hands of technology and that she will have her revenge on us in the end.
EVEN WITH TECHNOPHILES ever in search for the latest whizbang gizmos, technology companies must focus on more than developing products that cater solely to the novelty you love.
Several essays deconstruct our ideas of Nature and the natural, in an attempt to view critically the technophile conceit that science can fix all of the defects in Nature or the Luddite idea that Nature is intrinsically superior to any fruits of our reason.
Our worthy foes - and I use those words purposely, because no victory over unworthy foes is worth celebrating include lawyers, technophiles, HR folks, accountants, engineers, etc.
That's why 7DAYS was pleased to hear serial entrepreneur, angel investor, mentor and technophile Prashant K Gulati reveal the 10 things he doesn't want to hear from wannabe business-builders seeking his cash.
The news that wireless charging technology may be just around the corner has created a real buzz in the technophile community.
Telecommunications, only starting to modernise in the past year under the technophile Bashar, is also attractive.
Yet Sagan is far too much of a technophile to seek solutions in a wholesale dismantlement of industrial society.
This year the new two-part format comprised an afternoon awards presentation hosted by writer, actor and self-confessed technophile Stephen Fry, followed by an evening celebration party where winners were entertained with a showcase set from one of the world's most famous and successful bands, Duran Duran.
Some call Kelly a technophile, but he is in fact a syncretic biophile: His rallying cry is "life is the ultimate technology.
He spread himself thin, dashing from one assignment to another, and he was a true technophile.
At one end of the spectrum were technophile hobbyists; at the other were homeowners with custom home automation systems costing up to $100,000 or more.