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exine type is characterized by long spines with apical channels and an intricate layer of columellae under the tectum.
1% fast green dye (Sigma) established that an injection of 4 [micro]L at an angle of approximately 45-50[degrees] relative to the top of the head and at a depth of 3-4 mm would partially fill the brain ventricle and expose cells in the forebrain and optic tectum to the injected solution.
The most interesting antibody, MAB 1H12, reacted in tissue sections with an antigen abundant in the zone of the optic tectum known to receive ingrowing optic fibers.
Integration of visual and infrared information in bimodal neurons of the rattlesnake optic tectum.
Bonhoeffer and his colleagues have used labeled antibodies to show that RGM levels increase steadily from the front to the back of an animal's optic tectum.
KHALFANI, Salem, Ahnlichkeiten des Absurden: Kafkas "Schloss und Becketts 'Warten auf Godot' / Parallels of the Absurd: Kafka's 'Castle' and Beckett's 'Waiting for Godot', Tectum (Marburg), 111.
We have identified a specific type of neuron in the optic tectum that, because of its position, must be involved with vision in the aerial visual field and might be involved in the integration of visual and mechanoreception.
He finds that the axons from the retina spread radially as they leave the graft and grow about 1 millimeter to the appropriate brain area, the tectum.
Agency : Tectum Caritas gGmbH als TrEnger der CaritaswerkstEntten Langenhorst
In March, American Capital invested $25 million in a second lien facility to support an add-on acquisition and dividend recapitalization of Tectum Holdings, Inc.
Exine Mutisia type, scabrate, 6-8 [micro]m, ectosexine slightly columellate, thick internal tectum.
There was also marked enlargement of the third ventricle and ventricle of the mesencephalic tectum (Fig 1).