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Enough has been said, I trust, to shew that Recognition by Feeling is not so tedious or indecisive a process as might have been supposed; and it is obviously more trustworthy than Recognition by hearing.
Knight-errantry is a most chuckle-headed trade, and it is tedious hard work, too, but I begin to see that there IS money in it, after all, if you have luck.
How it contrasts with hot and perspiring pedestrianism, and dusty and deafening railroad rush, and tedious jolting behind tired horses over blinding white roads!
The first part of their journey was performed in too melancholy a disposition to be otherwise than tedious and unpleasant.
It would be tedious to trouble the reader with relating what vast numbers of illustrious persons were called up to gratify that insatiable desire I had to see the world in every period of antiquity placed before me.
alam mo naman kung gaano kahaba at tedious ang lawmaking, nanghihinayang ako kung saka-sakali mapuputol.
NOT SO TASTY: Amoo's tedious take on 'gentrified' Brixton He fails to make a case that gentrification has occurred, or even if it is undesirable.
As for the other 54 minutes of The Battle For Number 10 - in which Kay Burley and a simpering studio audience gave the leaders a horribly easy ride - it was a tedious waste of the electorate's time.
But all that seemed to go on the back burner, as the hapless Bill proceeded to get himself into tedious scrape after tedious scrape.
Summary: Entering your contact information into Web forms is just as tedious on tablets and smartphones .
Some may enjoy watching the minutiae of daily life but it got very tedious and failed to hold my attention.
Such a scheme is entered into by the foreign adoptive parents and the Filipino biological mother in order to skirt the tedious adoption process in the Philippines.