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Tedium was first performed in June 2001 by Theater Oobleck, a company of writers and players which has been based in Chicago since 1987, even though some of its original members, who met at the University of Michigan, now live elsewhere, as far afield as Los Angeles and Puerto Rico.
Or stuck like some prize dummy amid a bunch of people who may very well be at the pinnacle of their sport but are simply steeling themselves for another night of tedium and Sue Barker's inane attempts at humour?
Perhaps it is his collaborative spirit that helps Weiser make his objects seem so playful, almost dreamy; they leave the dryly technical tedium of "media art" far behind.
As it emphasises the tedium of a drug-fuelledbreakdown, the film occasionally risks falling into its own boredom trap.
Even as adults condemned commercialization, they attempted to compensate for the stresses, frustrations, and tedium of their working lives by transforming birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, and family vacations into celebrations of childhood.
They have not only lost their moral center as spouses, parents, or persons, but also exhausted the very pleasures they hoped would deliver them from the tedium of suburbia.
Although being in a film was interesting, it was also an experience of exquisite tedium.
The novel, attributed to one "Pauline Reage," finally paid off centuries of French-language erotic tedium with an acknowledged classic.
Ole Gramps is very sympathetic to those who undergo the tedium and hardship of standing by for hours in an on-call status before launching on a mission, especially in the combat zone.
He makes clear his opinion that when what is considered the only "acceptable" art for modernists is that which is the most shocking or transgressive, the movement will eventually die as the tedium of the odious becomes mainstream.
Into the tedium of time, which weighs like gravity on any messenger used to more freedom and who has to wear a dingy costume, so as not to scare the humans.
Crushed under the yoke of familial responsibility, bewildered by the prosaic rules of art dealing, and stifled by societal constraints, Gauguin imagined a life uncluttered by the tedium of survival.