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According to the company, Teeny is microscopically crafted by hand, delivering high quality and great value far beyond their largely cheaply manufactured and mass produced competition.
Teeny Tiny Tears Deluxe sets retail at around pounds 34.
Inside, Teeny lay stretched out on the living room couch with Sylvia nursing at her breast.
But some friends had an out-of-town visitor who was a fishing nut, and they coaxed Teeny to go for tuna Saturday out of Depoe Bay.
The story, written by the publisher's brother Malcolm Douglas Chaplin, is a fable about Teeny Ted's victory in the turnip contest at the annual county fair.
Cut teeny black circles from black felt, and glue just above the beak to make eyes.
Gerber Teeny Faces Novartis Consumer Health $153,170
A teeny knock pings from the outside of the officer's watertight steel door.
in the form of Teeny Towels, all-natural, antibacterial miniwipes in a container that attaches to a keychain, stroller, car seat, etc.
Like most insects, these cock-roaches breathe through teeny holes called spiracles (SPEER-uh-cuhlz) located along their abdomen, the last segment of an insect's body.
For the handsome handyperson in your life: all the features of the normal Swiss Army Knife, plus a teeny USB memory for quick, portable storage.
Your monthly survey articles are usually very interesting, but I think it's a shame that they cover such a teeny percentage of Catholics.