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Although some patients may exhibit complicated mixed respiratory and metabolic acid-base imbalances, the majority of blood gas sets can be interpreted quickly by using the teeter-totter and elevator methods.
In figure 2, there were 2 squirrels and 2 crows on the left and 3 crows and 3 robins on the right and the teeter-totter was balanced.
And the leadership is like on a teeter-totter board," he said.
Kids will enjoy it because it features colorful, whimsical graphics--including kids on a wild teeter-totter ride over its link to a section for students, and a blooming flower rising up from a pot over the link to Jefferson's garden project page.
We must find ways to hold public discussions of controversial issues that build bridges between individuals and groups; discussions that yearn toward the balancing point, not the extremes of the teeter-totter.
Edgy voices--one deadpan, the other a wailing vibrato, like a kamikaze Belinda Carlisle--take you on a high-velocity teeter-totter ride.
First, there were just railings and ramps; then the ramps got put on a teeter-totter; then the ramps were altered not only to teeter-totter, but to move forward; then stools went in front of the ramps.
The IFM, Figure 1, is based upon a torsion-barsupported teeter-totter suspended [approximately]10pm above a pair of conducting pads which form the elements of a differential capacitor.
My friend Gary helped me devise my telephone teeter-totter.
Helping children put together the playground teeter-totter
At the playground I walk up the down end of the teeter-totter till I get to the middle.
Along with their continuous twirls and turns, they use a teeter-totter to discover multiple ways to give the spectator a sense of vertigo.