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A bullpen teetering on the edge of disaster found its savior Saturday night.
In writer-director Richard Shepard's The Matador, Brosnan plays Julian Noble, a debauched "trisexual" (because he'll try sleeping with anyone, says Shepard) hit man teetering on the edge of burnout.
In Men and Boys, the poet records that moment when farm boys are teetering on the edge of manhood by making little pulls on the tractor throttles and roaring the engines while their fathers visit.
Nerves are a little frayed on the Dutch side which one trader said was teetering on the edge of oversupply.
The Norfolk Virginia, native appeared on this March 1988 cover (shown below) sharing with readers his rocky road to success after teetering on the edge of failure.
Rent it if: You enjoy teetering on the edge of the sofa until the very last frame.