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I bought the teething ring and gave it to her in the parking lot.
What: A vibrating, soft rubber teething ring with three spokes and a center hub that houses the battery-operated motor
He's probably teething, so make sure he's always got a teething ring or a toy he can bite on.
Their famous friends, including Britain's Prince William and his wife Catherine, honoured her arrival with luxury gifts, including designer hampers, a silver Tiffany's teething ring and expensive cashmere blankets, reports Stuff.
A safe, plastic, liquid-filled teething ring that has been refrigerated or even frozen will satisfy his teething needs and will reduce his interest in munching on human flesh.
It was not long before she had a full white set, after using up a tube of teething gel and occasionally gnawing on a teething ring.
He wails like a banshee but if I don't leave he just keeps on using me as a teething ring.
If you use a teething ring, take it out of the freezer before it becomes rock hard - you don't want to bruise those already swollen gums.
If any Coventry babies do make the squad, they'll also qualify for a sky blue babysuit, rattle and teething ring.
The water samples with the vinyl chloride teething ring and hose also contained relatively high concentration levels, the paper said.
One example is Little Teethers gel packaged with a teething ring that bears the company's Little Remedies logo.