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people may well struggle with it' 'I'd be happy to be teetotal, but otherNo article on 'liver disease among young women' was complete without a photo of me and Zoe Ball
So I did the whole Australian tour teetotal and I just enjoyed it.
I wasn't by the way, I've been teetotal for eight years due to health reasons.
The comic, who's now teetotal, told fellow-Scot Craig Ferguson on The Late Late Show: "I had a very quiet time compared to the normal Scottish New Year I used to have when I was a drinker.
The CIU was established in 1862 as a teetotal organisation in London.
The 42-year-old Scottish actor is now teetotal but admitted in the past he drank heavily and had "a death wish".
I RARELY write to the letters page, and in fact the last time I did was to complain about an article written by Mr Rob Merrick, a couple of years ago, in which he suggested that those of us who are teetotal are "unnatural".
Suggested changes include cutting eating less salt, fat and snacks, stopping smoking and drinking less or becoming teetotal for Lent.
Zoe and Norman, who have been teetotal for the last year, stuck to non-alcoholic cocktails while guests toasted her special day with Champagne.
WALES' first teetotal bar could soon be serving alcohol only four months after opening.
Teetotal, health freak Harvey Williams, the RICS West Midlands spokesman, "performed" on the catwalk with model Sheryl a decade ago when he was raising money at a charity auction for Cancer Research at the Hilton Hotel in Coventry.
Moby's nearly always described as a teetotal vegan.