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I feel, even if I were a teetotaler, a Mormon, and Southern Comfort came and wanted to do a commercial with him, I'd say yes because that was his image.
We have not gotten on the teetotaler bandwagon,'' Helmick said.
It comes from a journalist who considers everything from temperance laws to teetotalers and drinkers, and it pairs fun trivia with eye-opening historical facts.
According to the study, the beer drinkers solved 40% more problems than the teetotalers.
The study authors not only found that the moderate drinkers performed better on object recognition tests than those in the other groups, but also were more popular and got invited to more parties than did either the teetotalers or the sloppy drunks, mostly because of their alcohol-enhanced Trivial Pursuit skills.
But compared to either the Viennese or Barber's beloved Swiss, we're teetotalers.
All had equally lower cardiovascular event rates during long-term follow-up, compared with teetotalers, said Dr.
Other opponents, most of them hardly teetotalers, share the conventional prejudice that getting high on pot is somehow morally suspect.
Elegently eclectic from cover to cover, Been Doon So Long is highly recommended for literary connoisseurs (wine aficionados and teetotalers alike) with a taste for prose jocularity
Studies have shown that people who drink regularly have a lower risk of heart attacks but a higher risk of bleeding strokes than do teetotalers.
all over the world moderate drinkers have healthier hearts than teetotalers.