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Stated in the handbook 'General Information about Cosme Co-operative Colony, Paraguay', these principles were: 'Communal owning of wealth, co-operative organisation of labor, communal sharing of earnings, government on democratic basis, and the upholding of home-living, life marriage, teetotalism and the color line'.
With the growth of the movement came a more radical agenda of teetotalism and a concerted campaign to end the state's liquor licensing system through local option legislation and eventually state prohibition in the 1850s.
In common with other women lecturers, Balfour started out as a temperance campaigner, possibly helped by the emergence of teetotalism and the subsequent exodus of middle-class worthies from support of the movement in the northern industrial districts.
His support for teetotalism, or at least a marked degree of temperance, can also be explained in this framework because temperance necessitated the sacrifice of immediate for future pleasures.
During much of the 1800's Aberglasney was home to the Phillips and John Walters Philipps families (the latter taking the "more aristocratic" spelling on inheriting the estate) before being passed to the Mayhews in 1872, with Colonel Mayhew remembered for his fierce teetotalism.
In fact, it has been unclinically proven that the stress of not drinking - of flirting with teetotalism - is more detrimental to one's health, in terms of increased stress and irritability, than enjoying a glass or two, a glass being 125ml, not a builder's bucket.
Chesterton also finds this lingering Puritanism in what he calls Shaw's "fastidiousness"--the Irish playwright's vegetarianism and teetotalism being anathema to Chesterton's love of beef and beer.
When the National Eisteddfod burst out of its corset of teetotalism in Newport three years ago, finally conceding that most Welsh people like a drink, the poker-faced conservatives wailed that the end of civilisation was nigh.
To enable you to follow the progress of this important journalistic study of teetotalism in a drinking society or simply to laugh at my pain -1 am writing a blog, with the self-explanatory title A Dry Year In The Life Of A Social Alcoholic.
Snow converted his views on temperance to teetotalism and eventually signed an abstinence pledge in 1835.
While Southern Baptists are usually committed to temperance if not teetotalism, Freeman was devoted to the enjoyment of good wine and to religious and racial tolerance.
That sense of isolation was surely reinforced by his early embrace of teetotalism, a largely free-church enthusiasm frowned upon by the establishment.