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Policies run by Healthy Investment (HI) Friendly Society ( formerly the Rechabite Friendly Society for teetotallers only ( top the performance league in three sectors, and comes third in the fourth.
Mr Quinn, who is also a member of the Western Health Board, said that non-alcoholic drinks used to be placed on tables for teetotallers but said that his favourite tipple, orange, had now "turned into wine".
Ilchester Cheese Co's Beer Cheese caused outrage when it was launched in 1962 with teetotallers boycotting the product.
A study into the relationship between alcohol consumption and "subjective health" found people who drink moderately feel better than teetotallers.
Pictures of Putin enjoying a drink went down well back home, where Russians generally frown upon teetotallers and always forgave Yeltsin his legendary vodka binges.
The original Hollywood Vampires, Alice's former drinking buddies, would have been horrified to see the teetotallers vaping on stage, ditching real cigarettes for the electronic version.
Greedy promoters should not be allowed to penalise drivers and teetotallers with an outrageous mark up of 200 per cent on retail prices.
If we are seriously concerned about the current situation we should ensure that young people are again warned of the dangers and those who are teetotallers should not be ashamed to say so.
Teetotallers are less likely to survive a heart attack and more likely to develop heart failure than people who have a drink or so daily, two new studies suggest, adding to the suspected benefits of moderate alcohol consumption.
There were more deaths overall in the group who drank a little and smoked, than in the teetotallers and non-smokers.
1841 Thomas Cook introduced the first "Cook's Tour" when 570 teetotallers took the train from Leicester to Loughborough to attend a temperance meeting, using cheap tickets which he negotiated with the rail company.
The most surprising rise in teetotallers was among 16 to 24-yearolds.