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Meanwhile, London had the most teetotallers at 32%.
Policies run by Healthy Investment (HI) Friendly Society ( formerly the Rechabite Friendly Society for teetotallers only ( top the performance league in three sectors, and comes third in the fourth.
The study of 40,000 people found teetotallers had significantly higher levels of depression and anxiety than moderate drinkers.
However, I found one remark in their letter very disturbing, namely: "We all like a drink", as it excludes teetotallers like myself, who have assumed this position because we have been convinced by the indisputable evidence that alcohol as a drug of addiction is liable to lead to excess.
As both of us were teetotallers, we had no choice but to pour it into the pot with her aspidistra while she was making tea in the kitchen.
Teetotallers are less likely to survive a heart attack and more likely to develop heart failure than people who have a drink or so daily, two new studies suggest, adding to the suspected benefits of moderate alcohol consumption.
There were more deaths overall in the group who drank a little and smoked, than in the teetotallers and non-smokers.
1841 Thomas Cook introduced the first "Cook's Tour" when 570 teetotallers took the train from Leicester to Loughborough to attend a temperance meeting, using cheap tickets which he negotiated with the rail company.
A study by the University of Colorado has found teetotallers have a 17% higher chance of dying before light tipplers.
Greedy promoters should not be allowed to penalise drivers and teetotallers with an outrageous mark up of 200 per cent on retail prices.
If we are seriously concerned about the current situation we should ensure that young people are again warned of the dangers and those who are teetotallers should not be ashamed to say so.
The RFS, which was set up in 1835 to promote an alcohol-free lifestyle, only provides policies to teetotallers.