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Real-time telediagnosis is a promising area of application that could enhance the diagnostic capabilities of telemicrobiology consultation, such as the DPDx system.
Telediagnosis in the identification of parasites of public health concern--the DPDx perspective.
The latter reviewed the information and emitted a telediagnosis.
The telediagnosis emitted by the teleexpert and the control dermatologist (CT) was of 76.
For example, these technologies are expected to enable us to accomplish the telediagnosis, telemonitoring and teletreatment of diseased fetuses with overseas advanced medical centers.
If the telediagnosis is malaria, the CDC requests the sender submit samples for verification.
Diagnosing health irregularities via telecommunications or telemedicine, also known as telediagnosis, may present an ethical challenge.
It now has 18 toll-free numbers ringing into the company's Remote Telediagnosis Center in Valbonne, France from all over Europe, forming what Cherkosky calls "the only extensive international toll-free computer service hot line in the world.
13, 1995--In a significant step towards practical contributions to telediagnosis in cardiac care, live transmissions of cardiac ultrasound exams during open-heart surgery are being sent over fiber-optic telecommunications links during the 68th Annual Scientific Sessions of the American Heart Association (AHA) conference here November 13-16.
According to a survey of nearly 250 radiologists and administrators conducted during the 80th Annual Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Conference, the technology -- known as telediagnosis -- is expected to have immediate applications.
However, physicians believe that telediagnosis will not only improve access to cardiac care, but also improve the quality of care provided.