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In February 2005, a test was conducted on the connection between the UCSF (Professor Michel Harrison, a leading expert in fetus surgery) and the NTT R&D Center via GEMnet2 to enable real-time telediagnosis and treatment.
The Internet is changing the way people access health care information, and one of the more exciting applications is telediagnosis," said Kathryn McTighe, manager of the Global Health Care Market Development at Cisco.
Many in the field of cardiology are predicting a significant role for telediagnosis in the future.
For pediatric cardiology, telediagnosis is going to be a very important step toward our future," said Stacy Drant, M.
Conducted at RSNA on November 27 and 28, the survey found physicians have high expectations: 85 percent believe telediagnosis will break down geographic barriers to quality healthcare; 82 percent see telediagnosis as a critical advancement to improve diagnostic medicine within managed care; and, 87 percent would be very or somewhat likely to incorporate telediagnosis into their practices.
Nearly three in four (74%) respondents who do not have the capability to transmit images believe telediagnosis will improve the quality of care provided.
The immediate benefit of telediagnosis is to provide patients' access to highly qualified cardiologists regardless of their geographic location," said Robert J.
Others have seen the benefits utilizing the advanced telediagnosis network aspects of the product.