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There are now in the whole world very nearly as many messages sent by telephone as by letter; and there are THIRT-TWO TIMES as many telephone calls as telegrams.
This restless young man is expecting a telegram, and we are going to the Station to meet it.
Anyway the General seemed extremely uneasy; and, one could well understand what a telegram to announce the death of his mother would mean for him!
Then I sent a telegram to M'Leod bidding him and his vacate Holmescroft for that afternoon.
The postmaster, who was also the village grocer, had a clear recollection of the telegram.
Outside, Nastasia's step crossed the hall, the outer door opened, and a moment later she came in carrying a telegram which she handed to the Countess Olenska.
He was forced to write, but he sought to make his reply as casual as was possible without being offensive: he begged her not to wire, since it was difficult to explain telegrams to his mother, an old-fashioned person for whom a telegram was still an event to excite tremor.
As we had expected, the telegram was soon followed by its sender, and the card of Mr.
There is a similar telegram from Paris, where the development is not yet as acute.
While Martin changed the telegram to "two laundrymen," Joe went on:-
The servant hurried to meet her, and placed a telegram in her hand.
My brother Stephen (who is now the head of the family) received a telegram three days since, informing him that alarming symptoms had declared themselves, and that a second physician had been called in.