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The porters told him that several remark- able telegrams had been received in the morning from Byfleet and Chertsey stations, but that these had abruptly ceased.
He passed Cheyne a telegram repeated from San Francisco:
Then Mahbub Ali rolled across the serai to the Gate of the Harpies who paint their eyes and trap the stranger, and was at some pains to call on the one girl who, he had reason to believe, was a particular friend of a smooth-faced Kashmiri pundit who had waylaid his simple Balti in the matter of the telegrams.
The ball had hardly rested on the bottom of the hole before Gossett had begun to tear the telegrams from their envelopes.
I feared that no telegram would convince you of the absolute urgency of the case.
A dozen telegrams were sent out to the mine, and on receipt of the replies, the dealing became the joke of the day.
Don't tell me that YOU have had one of these preposterous telegrams for oxygen?
In the meantime Del Mar sent off two telegrams to New York, the first to Harris Collins' animal training school, where his troupe of dogs was boarding through his vacation:
I want you to open all notes and telegrams, and to act on your own judgment if any news should come.
He wanted to know what he had better do with letters or telegrams which might arrive in the course of the day.
To think that because you and a young man meet for a moment, there must be all these telegrams and anger," supplied Margaret.
With a snappy "Good-morning, Pitcher," Maxwell dashed at his desk as though he were intending to leap over it, and then plunged into the great heap of letters and telegrams waiting there for him.