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It was at once answered by the appearance of an old friend, his valet, Matvey, carrying his clothes, his boots, and a telegram.
As we had expected, the telegram was soon followed by its sender, and the card of Mr.
None of the telegrams could have been written by an eye- witness of their advance.
The truth is that there is a great outer life that you and I have never touched--a life in which telegrams and anger count.
But the really original point is requiring applications by telegram to a telegraphic address
Yes, and after sending hosts of telegrams to know if I were dead or not
As Archer left the room with the telegram, he heard his mother-in- law add, presumably to Mrs.
I knew," she said, "that those telegrams were forgeries.
To answer or not to answer the telegram in his pocket?
The president tore open the envelope, read the dispatch, and, despite his remarkable powers of self-control, his lips turned pale and his eyes grew dim, on reading the twenty words of this telegram.
That very night a telegram was sent from the station of Long's Peak by Joseph T.
My brother Stephen (who is now the head of the family) received a telegram three days since, informing him that alarming symptoms had declared themselves, and that a second physician had been called in.