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After graduating, he worked as an assistant to Professor Fleeming Jenkin and Sir William Thomson in their work on submarine telegraphy, and took part in the laying of cables to Brazil and Montevideo in Uruguay.
Twain wrote in an article titled "Mental Telegraphy Again.
The thesis begins with an explanation of the significance of submarine telegraphy and its dependence upon gutta percha, followed by a study of the operation of gutta percha trade in Singapore and in particular in Sarawak.
In 1898, James signaled his continuing interest in telegraphy as a subject and as a formal problem; in his novella In the Cage, James experimented with what it might mean if an unnamed telegraphist made free with the coded messages that she transmits.
It was 1912 and wireless telegraphy, or radio, was still a pioneering field of science that was not widely understood.
But the 1911 limited-edition dictionary included with its 2011 counterpart, offers a glimpse into a world where exciting new words included "marconigram" - a message sent by Marconi's wireless telegraphy system; 'kinematograph' - an apparatus producing motion pictures; and 'biplane' - a two-winged aeroplane.
The Namib Roadhouse Museum will be dedicated to the country's history of communication, such as postal runners, post offices, heliography, telegraphy and the telephones and will be built in the vicinity of the Namib Desert Lodge on the road to Sossusvlei.
The LE shows and documents the Royal Decrees since the enactment of the Wireless Telegraphy Law in 1973, followed by specifying the functions of the Ministry of Post, Telegraphs and Telephones in 1979 and transforming the General Telecommunications Organisation into an Omani closed joint stock company in 1999, and finally issuing the Telecommunications Regulatory Act in 2002, which crowned the march of telecommunications in the Sultanate and laid the foundations of liberalising the telecom sector.
Theses submitted reflected a growing number on aviation and wireless telegraphy.
headed a number of prominent posts in the Department of Postage, Telegraphy
Two significant centenaries are celebrated in 2009 - the first radio sea rescue and the award of the Nobel Prize in Physics to Marconi and Karl Ferdinand Braun for their contributions to the development of wireless telegraphy.