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He was soon making a name for himself as an expert in the growing field of submarine telegraphy too.
Trained as a shorthand typist, she volunteered to be trained in wireless telegraphy and was stationed in Scarborough, where she worked at the 'Y' station for two years.
Twain wrote in an article titled "Mental Telegraphy Again.
Back then, new words included marconigram (a message sent by Marconi's wireless telegraphy system), kinematograph (an apparatus producing motion pictures) and petticoat - defined as a skirt worn by women, girls and young boys, either externally or beneath gown or frock.
The resources of telegraphy, however, and the speed with which they are utilised, enables an evening paper to bring up almost to the moment the occurrences of the passing hours.
The Namib Roadhouse Museum will be dedicated to the country's history of communication, such as postal runners, post offices, heliography, telegraphy and the telephones and will be built in the vicinity of the Namib Desert Lodge on the road to Sossusvlei.
The LE shows and documents the Royal Decrees since the enactment of the Wireless Telegraphy Law in 1973, followed by specifying the functions of the Ministry of Post, Telegraphs and Telephones in 1979 and transforming the General Telecommunications Organisation into an Omani closed joint stock company in 1999, and finally issuing the Telecommunications Regulatory Act in 2002, which crowned the march of telecommunications in the Sultanate and laid the foundations of liberalising the telecom sector.
Western Union dominated intercity telegraphy, and intracity firms, sometimes allied with Western Union, ran fire alarm, police alarm, messaging, and special-purpose telegraphs.
headed a number of prominent posts in the Department of Postage, Telegraphy
In 1910 Crippen became renowned as the first criminal to be captured by wireless telegraphy.
Where Carey examined the telegraphy and the railroads, Packer cites automobiles, airplanes, and radio.