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As a result, he proposes a teleological theory of evolution in which "the Universe is a vast representamen, a great symbol of God's (5) purpose, working out its conclusions in living realities" (Ibid.
In this section, I show why those who seek to develop a teleological theory must accept agent-relative value if they are to capture agent-relative restrictions.
Teleological theory suggests that the philosophical doctrine or goal of the entity forms its guiding movement.
either a deontological or a teleological theory of absolute morality
Four motors of change are identified: life-cycle theory, teleological theory, dialectical theory, and evolutionary theory.
A teleological theory of mental content will employ, as a pivotal concept, what Millikan calls relational proper function.
Note that this means that, according to the teleological theory, there is a sense in which the representational powers of desires are prior to those of beliefs.