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noun account, accounting, aggregate, collection, complement, count, decimal, degree, estimate, exponent, figure, integer, integral, multitude, overall amount, overall quantity, quantity, score, sum, tally, total
Associated concepts: gaming
See also: amount, calculate, comprise, contain, enumerate, itemize, quantity, quota

INDEFINITE, NUMBER. A number which may be increased or diminished at pleasure.
     2. When a corporation is composed of an indefinite number of persons, any number of them consisting of a majority of those present may do any act unless it be otherwise regulated by the charter or by-laws. See Definite number.

NUMBER. A collection of units.
     2. In pleading, numbers must be stated truly, when alleged in the recital of a record, written instrument, or express contract. Lawes' PI. 48; 4 T. R. 314; Cro. Car. 262; Dougl. 669; 2 Bl. Rep. 1104. But in other cases, it is not in general requisite that they should be truly stated, because they are not required to be strictly proved. If, for example, in an action of trespass the plaintiff proves the wrongful taking away of any part of the goods duly described in his declaration, he is entitled to recover pro tanto. Bac. Ab. Trespass, I 2 Lawes' PI. 48.
     3. And sometimes, when the subject to be described is supposed to comprehend a multiplicity of particulars, a general description is sufficient. A declaration in trover alleging the conversion of "a library of books"' without stating their number, titles, or quality, was held 'to be sufficiently certain; 3 Bulst. 31; Carth. 110; Bac. Ab. Trover, F 1; and in an action for the loss of goods, by burning the plaintiff's house, the articles may be described by the simple denomination of "goods" or "divers goods." 1 Keb. 825; Plowd. 85, 118, 123; Cro. Eliz. 837; 1 H. Bl. 284.

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Callers will continue to dial 1+ area code + telephone number for all long distance calls.
Begin dialing 1 + area code + telephone number for all calls.
With this system you have one telephone number no matter where in the country you live.
The court ruled that the defendant was not using its telephone number as an infringing mark and did not create the confusion.
The 760 Public Education Program, comprised of landline and wireless telecommunications providers in California, wishes to remind consumers that the 442 area code will overlay the 760 area code and may be assigned to those who request new telephone numbers or an additional telephone line, as well as, any available numbers in the 760 area code.
Generally, the word "private" or some variation appears on the caller ID screen, notifying the recipient that the caller has concealed the originating telephone number.
Update items such as stationary; checks; business cards; advertisements; promotional items; brochures; Internet web pages; and catalogs to reflect the 1 + area code + telephone number change.
The 669 area code is being added, or overlaid, to the 408 region to ensure businesses and consumers have access to telephone numbers from their wireline and wireless carrier of choice.
The next day, officers retrieved telephone numbers from the electronic directory.
More than any other factor, whether or not a consumer was physically mobile when the needed a telephone number drove which media they selected first.
Fighting within the industry over how to dole out telephone numbers and state regulations requiring advance public notice before an area code is split into a new code has contributed to a delay in getting new area codes up and running, Fish noted.
The Basic plan includes a temporary telephone number in an area convenient to the user, and forwards all calls placed to the temporary number to the user's personal phone number of choice (e.