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August 26, 1936: The BBC's Leslie Mitchell becomes Britain's first television announcer.
Now she's stepping out as Shirley Bassey, Cilla Black and a 1950s BBC children's television announcer in Never Mind The Horrocks.
As the event was announced and the swimmers stood beside the pool jangling their arms, the television announcer attempted to set expectations for the audience.
1936: Leslie Mitchell became BBC's first television announcer.
Another viewer, Aileen Turnbull, from Stirling, added: "I got fed up listening to the television announcer and switched over.
is entering the mosque,' Syrian state television announcer said.
Grieve, later a Rangers general manager and now a television announcer for the club, laughs at the notion.
s "Daddy of 'Em All" and has worked as the Wrangler NFR television announcer for more than 20 years.
Cannon began his career as a television announcer in the 1940s where he appeared on hundreds of network broadcasts, including The Colgate Comedy Hour, Your Hit Parade, You Are There, Studio One and Famous Jury Trials.
Kings television announcer Bob Miller celebrated his 60th birthday.
Dave Stockton offered some sage advice this week to television announcer Johnny Miller, a Senior Tour rookie.
It was Monty Python who brilliantly parodied the totalitarian Soviet Union by imagining how a television announcer would deal with the results of a general election.

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